Premarital Counseling Services


Singles flock to Boston from across the country and around the world because of its educational and job opportunities, building up careers before making the commitment to a life partner.

Mimi Licht, LICSW, BCD, sees a pattern in the way people in Boston approach married life.

Young Bostonians tend to establish a professional identity before finding the one, moving in together, getting engaged and setting the date. A new trend is for couples to call Mimi even before getting engaged in order to feel more prepared for the pressures of family and friends.

How to juggle two-career families, or changes that may accompany parenthood after both of you have invested many years in your education and career, needs to be figured out.

Learning to share finances can be difficult and giving up your life as you know it as a single person, requires a major adjustment.

With Mimi, you will be able to get clearly focused feedback and help no matter what you struggle with as a couple. By sharing this counseling experience, you will feel more confident, and establish a greater sense of trust in each other by the time your wedding day arrives. You'll say, "I Do" and happily begin your next chapter.

“Mimi, the wedding was exactly as we both had hoped, incredible. Thank you so much for the advice and thoughts during our sessions. We have both come to realize communication is essential for us to continue to thrive….and we are determined to be open minded to each other’s thoughts and needs.”

— Sarah and Kyle

Common Engagement Sources of Tension and Worry include:

  • decision making difficulties

  • religious differences

  • divorced parents

  • money matters

  • parental pressure

  • balancing careers

  • having children

Services for Parents of the Wedding Couple

Getting married can be a stressful time for the parents of the ones saying, ‘I Do.’ Mimi has extensive experience working with parents to help ease their stress so everyone can enjoy a wondrous occasion.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please fill in the Contact Form and Mimi will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. At the first meeting, we will review your concerns, get background information and decide on initial goals. Each couple is unique and Mimi will strive to get to know you and your needs quickly.

Typically, a 6-session plan is recommended. Assignments will guide you toward a deeper understanding of your partner and a confident transition to married life. As we go along, we will evaluate our progress together. 

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