Mimi Licht's Wisely Wed

Premarital Counseling for Couples

Getting married? Engaged couples take your relationship to the next level by preparing for marriage before your wedding day. Believe in the brightness of your future as you say "I DO"!

What to Expect at Wisely Wed


Scheduling an Appointment

Please fill in the Contact Form and Mimi will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. At the first meeting we will review your concerns, get background information and decide on initial goals. Each couple is unique and Mimi will strive to get to know you and your needs quickly.

Homework assignments will guide you toward a deeper understanding of your partner and a confident transition to married life. 

Typically,  a 6 session plan is  recommended. As we go along,  we will evaluate our progress together. 

However long you’ve been together, the consent to wed will invariably raise new concerns, resolution of these concerns...will require compromise as well as time. The marriage you create can provide the love, honesty and compassion you both desire.
— Vera Wang