Engagement and Money

Ever hear about Money Personalities? Taking an honest look at your attitudes about money is imperative as you make the commitment to get married. Studies show that our attitudes about money are deeply ingrained and often not talked about. Honestly sharing your financial habits is a winning strategy rather than making the assumption that you and your partner are on the same page. Money Personalities has to do with priorities and habits about spending and saving. It’s complicated! You’ve probably developed a lot more money habits than you realize and openly looking at bank accounts, spread sheets, earnings, debt, discretionary spending, assets, savings are all part of the mix. It may seem like a daunting topic but well worth taking an eye-opening approach toward sharing. It will pay off in the end! 

Valentine Engagement! What Happens Next Can Be Unnerving!!

Romantic dreams fulfilled. A magical proposal shared between the two of you. Now that you've sealed the deal, what was once the most personal experience of your lives becomes public property. Announcing your engagement to the world is fun at first but can very quickly become overwhelming. The avalanche of reactions, advice and suggestions will come from all directions. If you and your partner cherish your privacy, post-engagement can feel surreal. Remembering to save intimate time just for yourselves is not only wise but will help you stay sane as wedding planning kicks into high gear!

Best Wishes on your engagement from Wisely Wed!!!

How to Make Your Wedding Uniquely Yours!

Most couples I see in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner come from different backgrounds, often from far corners of the globe, describing themselves as multicultural. You can tailor your ceremony to reflect family traditions while also developing your own special rituals. There are many opportunities to incorporate these personal touches; the ceremony is the most obvious, but there is also the rehearsal dinner, post-wedding breakfasts, as well as separate joyous celebrations in far-off countries of origin! Food, music, colors can all reflect what’s special about the two of you while holding onto family heritage.

Ideas from many places: 

  • Henna Ceremony

  • Chuppah or bridal canopy

  • Katubah or decorative Marriage Contract, possibly in multiple languages

  • Memorial candles to honor those who are gone

  • Photo remembrance arrays 

  • Young tree potted to be planted at future home

  • Jumping the broom

  • Breaking a glass

  • Wedding crowns

  • Korovai or wedding bread

  • Tea Ritual

  • Claddagh rings

  • Wedding tartans tied together

  • Sugar coated almonds

Looking for more ideas? Here are 45 Fascinating Wedding Traditions from Around The World.

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